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“The outcomes highlighted strengths and areas for development. Whilst I was seconded from my school, OFSTED paid a visit and I couldn’t believe how closely the outcomes from the inspection matched the outcomes of the self-review using the Evaluate Ed toolkit.”
North West Primary Head Teacher.


Headteacher, Cooper Perry Primary School


CEO, Future Generation Trust


Deputy Headteacher, Up Holland High School


Headteacher, Saint Margaret Mary Catholic Primary School

A Trust’s perspective 

Future Generations Trust is built upon principles that promote partnership and co-operation across our academies. The agreed use of shared associate partners delivering a range of services is one such example of how this collaborative approach works. 

Our selection of Evalaute-Ed as a recognised ‘best of breed’ provider for making accurate judgements around school performance was driven by the value for money it represented, the easily accessible support it offered and the consistent practices it enabled us to establish. 

The introduction of Evaluate-ed has undoubtedly produced a significant number of benefits at both trust and academy level. The consistent reports ensure that information can be quickly assimilated with the opportunity to examine specific areas in more depth if greater scrutiny is required. The graphs allow for precise comparative judgements and present a coherent and concise overall picture of the trust’s position. This is valued by the Central Team and particularly Trustees in full board and committee meetings. It also helps the trust with the identification of best practice and pockets of excellence. This information can direct the deployment of suitable individuals to support at other academies where issues may have arisen. Similarly, where common challenges are unearthed, training can be quickly arranged and accurately targeted. 

Staff involved in the academies also reap the rewards of using the uniform software and readily engage in dialogue with colleagues in other settings. The shared vocabulary helps facilitate meaningful discussions between the academies that become self-supporting and an informal system of benchmarking. In this way Leadership Teams do not feel isolated and can check their understanding and judgements with other establishments who are involved with using the software at the same time.  

FGT believes that Evaluate-Ed has the potential to deliver in more areas as it becomes fully embedded in our normal practices. Our aim is to encourage deeper analysis of prioritised areas to further help drive target setting across the trust. We also recognise that with the growth of the trust Evaluate-Ed will greatly support the harmonisation of the work that school improvement team deliver and lead to enhanced performance. 


CEO of Future Generations Trust

A school’s perspective

Hear why Paul Scarborough, Headteacher of Up Holland High, uses Evaluate Ed to celebrate success and drive school improvement. 

“I wanted this to match my current improvement planning in terms of the gaps that we are aware of and the vision that we are striving for, it achieved this in much shorter time.
To get the best out of this product means approaching each question with complete openness and honesty, so that we fully benefit from the process
When I first took over in my new role, I used the basic school SIP template and it took over 8 hours just to prep and this specific review took less than 40 minutes to complete, yet with the same accurate review of the RE and worship in our school. 
It’s so visual and so user-friendly and yet the areas for development and the areas of strength, are pretty much in line with our thinking as a school, so this is doing what it should be doing and saving us a tremendous amount of time in the process.”


Head of Religious Education at St Bede’s. 

“I found I was able to generate reports with ease”.


Headteacher at Lodge Farm Primary School

“Using Evaluate-Ed opened up detailed conversations between SLT, governors and middle leaders. The vast breadth and depth of the questions provided us with areas we maybe hadn’t considered and led us back to our self-evaluation and development documentation. As a result, we noticed some easy wins as well as some medium and long term areas for development. When we had an Ofsted inspection, we were confident we knew our school, where improvements had been made and the evidence for them. We also knew what we needed to do to improve still further. This confidence was shared by all leaders and governors and was reflected in the improved Ofsted grading of ‘Good’ in all areas in May 2022 from ‘Requires Improvement’ in October 2018.
We are now looking to see how we can use it even more strategically to support the self-evaluation and development planning process as we move from good to outstanding”.


Headteacher at Maricourt Catholic High School

“I’ve completed the Art Subject Leader questionnaire on Evaluate Ed. I found it a significant improvement over the generic FEF questionnaire we typically use much more purposeful that the existing paper version for our faculty. I found the report it created aligned well with our FIP which was reassuring! It also provided clear objectives and actions that will support further progression for ADT. What I also like about it was the subject specific questions and results. 
This software I feel is a highly effective tool in faculty self-assessing, definitely think it should be rolled out, across our school and more widely across other schools, as it provides insight and intelligence that drives school improvement.”
Head of Art, Photography and Design Technology Faculty

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