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1. What is Evaluate-Ed?

Evaluate-Ed is a live, self-evaluation and improvement platform. Evaluate-Ed gives leaders the data to drive strategic decision-making within their educational settings.

2. How does the software calculate scores?

Our software works on a points-based system. When completing our question-and-answer reviews, each answer you select has a weighting and that’s where the software does the magic. At the end of the review, it calculates an average score between 1-10.9. This score helps to describe where you are on your school improvement journey.

Scoring system

9.0 – 10.9 – Outstanding 

6.0 – 8.9 – Good 

4.0 – 5.9 – Requires improvement 

1.0- 3.9 – Inadequate

When we created Evaluate-Ed we wanted to create a points based system to give Trusts and Schools the opportunity to show progress over time, and address any areas of development quickly and effectively.

3. Where do the self-evaluation questions come from?

Our self-evaluation questions are written by our expert team.

  • Our Head of Content is former Primary School Head Teacher and Ofsted inspector.
  • Our Project Manager is a former Head of Geography with extensive pastoral experience.
  • Our Chairman is a former school business manager, with extensive experience working in the education sector.

Using our internal knowledge and working in partnership with our expert advisors, partners and advisory group we develop self-evaluation questions to meet the requirements of the latest frameworks, government guidance and most importantly the needs of our leaders, teachers and pupils.

4. How do you add a new users?

Simply click ‘school users’ and click ‘add’.

5. How do you save your answers in the software?

All your answers automatically save in our software, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your work.

6. How do you produce a report?

Once you’ve finished the Q&A process for the review, a button will appear that says ‘generate [XXXX] report’. Simply click this button and Evaluate-Ed will generate your report.  

7. How much does Evaluate-Ed cost?

Prices start from £500+. 

You can find out more about our pricing structure here.

Alternatively book a demo or take a free trial to see what our software can do for you. 

8. When would I use Evaluate-Ed?

You can use our platform whenever you like!


Our Trusts users regularly check the data dashboard to track, monitor and review performance and emerging risks across their schools. 

Our Head Teachers use the software every term to review and update their SEF & SIP.

Our super users carry out specific reviews like safeguarding, SEND and Ofsted Prep, as and when it’s appropriate for their school improvement priorities.   

Our line managers and subject leaders complete Subject Reviews once every term

Faith Schools 

Our faith schools use our Catholic or Anglican review to prepare and generate reports for the CSI and SIAMS inspection. However, our super users continually update this document throughout the year, so that when the call comes, they are ready to showcase their schools talent. 

Independent Schools 

Our Independent Schools complete and update the Independent School Standards Review on a termly review. Sometimes it’s more frequent and sometimes it’s less. This is a real time-saver for our Independent Schools.

We like to recommend following our school improvement cycle: 

However, we know every user is different, so Evaluate-Ed is a tool you can use in a way that benefits your Trust or School and your prioritise. 

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