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“I would definitely recommend Evaluate-Ed. It is a powerful tool for a school at any stage of their journey.”


Headteacher at Maricourt Catholic High School

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Joe Mangan

Headteacher at Maricourt Catholic High School

We started using Evaluate-Ed after a recommendation from a headteacher colleague. From this, we set up an online meeting with John Croghan and had a trial of the product. The initial attraction was how comprehensive the coverage was and how user friendly it was. This was confirmed when we took our trial and found Evaluate-Ed very easy to use. It allowed us to track how many sections we had reviewed and where the areas of strength and development were very quickly.

With Evaluate-Ed in place, we could get the whole team involved, not just our SLT, but also curriculum and pastoral leaders and governors. The feedback was very positive from all.

In terms of using the product, we compared what came from Evaluate-Ed to what we already had in our SEF and development plan. We did this termly but I know of other colleagues who use it far more frequently and this is something we intend to replicate.

Evaluate-Ed highlighted some areas of middle leadership we could improve and we did this through targeted CPD. This led to improvements in the quality of learning and teaching and pupil progress.  As a result of using Evaluate-Ed, we also ensured all stakeholders had a greater involvement in school development planning and we were able to support our Governors in having a greater understanding of the school.  This led to greater challenge and support from the governing body. It also reaffirmed what we knew were areas of strength and development.  It also made us look more closely at the budget and the school development plan. Evaluate-Ed certainly accelerated our rate of improvement.

Going forward we will be using Evaluate-Ed far more frequently on key areas of development to monitor impact. The new developments in the product, such as the 60 minute SEF, will lead to significant time savings so more time can be focussed on implementing key actions to improve the school still further.

I would definitely recommend Evaluate-Ed. It is a powerful tool for a school at any stage of their journey.

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