A school improvement solution that’s simple to use, saves you time and is accessible for all

We know that, as school, academy and trust leaders, you’re expected to do more now than ever before, and you have even less budget to do it with.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make our school improvement support simple to use, time efficient and accessible to all.

Unwieldy paper-based school improvement plans quickly go out of date, copies become lost in the stacks of paperwork school leaders need to keep on top of, and evidence is filed away in countless locations both online and offline.

Evaluate-Ed puts an end to version control issues, ensures all self-assessment is backed by credible data and supporting evidence, and makes reporting the latest school improvement data a one-click task. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you determine your priorities, take effective action and track your progress – to help you achieve your school improvement goals week after week, term after term, year after year.

So how can we help?

Schools and Academies

Make measuring, tracking and reporting school improvement simple, collaborative and effective

Multi-Academy Trusts

Align and monitor improvement across your trust, and ensure incoming academies meet your standards

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