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Our next-generation software is easier, quicker, and better than tired methods of SEF writing and improvement planning. We give you the power to realize your school’s potential and support you to make sustainable progress. We empower you to succeed beyond the boundaries of expectation or acceptance so your school community can thrive.

We build belief through the celebration of success! We create confidence by enabling you to know everything there is to know about the performance of your school or multi-academy trust. 

As a team of experienced educational experts, we guarantee to give you clarity, consistency, and fulfilment on your school improvement journey. Evaluate-Ed will engage your entire school community, prepare you for external review and drive performance.


Equip your school, academy or MAT with the real-time data needed to: 

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Discover how you can create a detailed strength and opportunity report in 60 minutes or less

    Drive your school improvement with a live online SEF and SIP developed by Educational leaders.

    Driving your school performance with a combination of high-tech self-evaluation software, real-time improvement planning and high-impact traditional coaching under a single subscription.

    Equip your school, academy or MAT with the real-time data needed to: 

    Download your free info pack now

    Discover how you can create a detailed strength and opportunity report in 60 minutes or less

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      Annual assessment of your school or academy is good…
      but dynamic, real-time monitoring of every school improvement opportunity is truly transformational

      Know your school well

      Evaluate-Ed is an online self-evaluation and school improvement system that allows you to analyse your school performance, make informed school improvement decisions and reduce admin time spent on school self-evaluation and report writing.  School Improvement can be assessed and analysed as a live document which can also help with Ofsted preparation for inspection. These are some of the areas covered:

      • Quality of Education
      • Behaviour and Attitudes
      • Personal Development
      • Leadership and Management

      We also cover wider school understanding in areas such as Finance, People and Premises.

      Reporting and Evidence

      Your school self-evaluation can be supported by uploading and attaching evidence, meaning that when analysing your school performance with Governors or SIPs any challenges can be met with easy to retrieve documentation.

      Analyse my school

      Areas of Strength and Areas for Development are automatically generated based on your responses and can be used to support your school self-evaluation submission and also as a supplement for reports to Governors. These aspects are also invaluable for informing your school development/improvement plans.

      School Reporting

      Specialist reports include: SEF, Early Years, Sixth Form, Roman Catholic Faith, Anglican Faith, Ofsted Preparation, Safeguarding, SEND

      Improvement Planner

      • Use the findings from your online school self-evaluation to form the basis of your school improvement plan.

      • Create a live school improvement planner from your areas for development and add your own bespoke priorities

      • Your online school improvement plan can monitor progress and allow all colleagues to ensure that they understand their tasks and responsibilities as you move together through your school improvement journey

      A school improvement solution for all

      Schools and Academies

      Make planning, reviewing and reporting school improvement simple, collaborative and effective

      Multi-Academy Trusts

      Align and monitor improvement across your trust and ensure that incoming academies meet your standards

      A team you can trust

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