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Evaluate-Ed is designed to self-evaluate every aspect of your school or multi-academy trust. Our platform supports you on your school improvement journey.

Our platform allows Trusts and Schools to recognise areas of strength and development enabling strategic-decision-making to drive continuous improvement. In a world where educators want to deliver the very best for their pupils and communities, Evaluate-Ed offers a centralised platform for all your self-evaluation and school improving planning needs.

Our mission

Comprehensive Support

We understand the importance of continuous self-evaluation and school improvement, which is why we offer comprehensive packages support to meet the needs of Trusts CEOs and Head Teachers. 

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Here’s what Evaluate-Ed can do for you!

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Live SEF 
(Self-evaluation form)

Our platform guides you through a series of multiple-choice questions to capture your self-evaluations, whilst automatically generating reports for you to share with your team and stakeholders.

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School improvement planning

Our platform connects your SEF to your school improvement planner meaning it’s quick and easy to track, monitor and assign actions to your team.  

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Self-evaluation dashboards

Access live data identifying strengths, areas for development and emerging risks; across your Trust or in your School. Use the data to make strategic decisions to drive improvement in your school.

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Subject Reviews

Our subject reviews support line managers, develop subject leaders, prepare your team for deep dives and ensure that subject reviews are consistent across your Trust or School.

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Faith Reviews

Our reviews guide leaders through a series of multiple choice questions and answers to generate reports for CSI and SIAMs inspections, ensuring that you showcase your strengths.

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The ISS Review

Our Independent School Standards review makes self-evaluation and improvement planning quick and easy, giving you more time to concentrate on your leadership, management you’re your pupils.  


For MATs

  • Consistent, live, overview of all schools in your Trust.

  • Identify priorities for your Trust to inform strategic decision making.

  • Financial efficiency, targeted staffing, and resources to support school improvement.

  • Informs reporting to Trust board.  

  • Evidence informed school improvement.

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For Schools & Academies

  • Live SEF leads to time saved to focus on leadership.

  • Sections can be delegated to relevant team members, co-ownership and shared workload.

  • Customise your own reports to share easily with stakeholders.

  • Fully prepared for inspection at any time, confident in knowing your school well.

  • Improve efficiency in your SIP processes to save time and money.

  • Evidence-informed school improvement.

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For Line Managers and Subject Leaders

  • Live, real-time knowledge of what’s happening in your subject area.

  • Consistent approach to the review of subject-areas, across all subject leaders and staff.

  • Celebrate subject strengths and identify areas where support is needed to drive school improvement.  

  • Identify CPD needs in subjects and pedagogy across your school for improved and targeted staff development and pupil outcomes.

  • Develop leadership skills for line managers and subject leaders leading to improved outcomes and retainment.

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For Independent Schools

  • Live, independent school standards (ISS) review means time saved to focus on leadership.

  • Review and update the ISS report at anytime, quickly and easily.

  • Easily add and assign actions to the improvement planner to monitor and evaluate school improvement initiatives.

  • All ISS codes available on the reports and improvement planner ensuring you are fully prepared for inspection at any time.

  • Comprehensive self-evaluation means you are confident in knowing your school well.

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Annual assessment of your school or academy is good…
but dynamic, real-time monitoring of every school improvement opportunity is truly transformational

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