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School improvement that’s exhaustive, not exhausting

Harness 200 years’ school improvement experience and unlock your potential by leveraging your underlying strengths and resolving operational vulnerabilities.

Equip your school, academy or MAT with the real-time data needed to: 


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    Annual assessment of your school or academy is good…
    but dynamic, real-time monitoring of every school improvement opportunity is truly transformational


    Evaluate-Ed allows you to efficiently health check every core aspect of your school – from finance and leadership to premises, educational outcomes and staff wellbeing – by answering intuitive questions created by subject experts with decades of experience in their fields.

    You and your leadership team can access real-time monitoring data and verify the supporting evidence – allowing you to instantly react to emerging risks and inadequacies.


    Evidence every answer by adding contextual notes or attaching supporting documentation – ensuring self-assessment is always accurate and substantiated.

    Areas requiring improvement are automatically added to your self-evaluation summary for secure and swift analysis.


    Once analysis is complete, it’s time to take action by generating your action plan and monitoring your progress towards agreed goals as you complete your objectives.

    With comprehensive real-time assessment data and progress reports at your fingertips, you can use your audit-ready, evidence-based self-evaluation to:

    • Monitor your progress term-by-term as you work towards your agreed goals

    • Inform your SDP, SIP and annual SEF using data-led school improvement recommendations

    • Benchmark yourself against best practice standards

    • Supply auditors and inspectors with accurate data backed by comprehensive evidence Present instant feedback to stakeholders via written reports and visually engaging graphical breakdowns telling the full narrative of your school improvement journey

    A school improvement solution for all

    Schools and Academies

    Make measuring, tracking and reporting school improvement simple, collaborative and effective

    Multi-Academy Trusts

    Align and monitor improvement across your trust, and ensure incoming academies meet your standards

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