Evaluate-Ed makes measuring, tracking and reporting school improvement simple, collaborative and effective

Evaluate-Ed helps school leaders commit to a live cycle of self evaluation to drive improvement.  

Review the Independent School Standards (ISS), quickly and easily.

Identify areas of strength and development opportunities

Add actions for development to our improvement planner

Deliver the very best education for your pupils

Annual assessment of your school is good…
but dynamic, real-time monitoring of every school improvement opportunity is truly transformational

Health-check your school and react instantly to warning signs

Effortlessly self-evaluate and review school performance using our comprehensive question set developed by leading Educational experts.

Reinforce your self-assessment with supporting evidence and contextual information

Colleagues and the school community will likely trust your opinion and take your assessment on face value, but third parties are unlikely to be as confident in your judgements. 

Ensure your evaluation is always accurate and substantiated by evidencing every score with contextual notes and evidence. 

Drill-down beyond the data with automated, actionable analysis
Your Independent School Standards Review depicts performance in all key aspects including areas of strength and areas for development, benchmarks your data against your goals and previous terms and collates your supporting contextual notes to ensure your reports always tell the full story.
Graphic displaying various windows on a web page
Set your goals for each core aspect of school improvement

With your goals set, the responsibilities become clear and you and your team can work in unison towards defined success.

Unambiguous visual reporting ensures data is easily digested and fully understood by all stakeholders

Present instant feedback to stakeholders via written reports and visually engaging graphs to tell the full narrative of your school improvement journey.

Termly progress tracking ensures stakeholders see much more than a snapshot

Move beyond annual reporting and paper-based records by keeping a continuous, real-time account of your school improvement journey. Evaluate-Ed accumulates your school improvement data and securely captures every chapter of your school’s story ready for review and analysis anytime, anywhere. 

Securely showcase your school improvement journey with a single link

Whether you’re sharing information with colleagues, informing an auditor, preparing an inspector or appraising a key stakeholder, you can bring them up-to-speed with your school improvement journey in minutes – simply by sending a secure link to your Evaluate-Ed data. 

From here, assessors can drill-down into all areas, examine your evidence, see your progress and review your action plan – all without the need for extensive phone calls or lengthy interviews, or risking security or version control issues by sending original files. 

Why change the habit of a lifetime?

Live ISS Report leads to time saved to focus on leadership.

Easily identify school improvement priorities to inform strategic decision making.

Fully prepared for inspection at any time; confident that you know your school well.

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