School Improvement: Question of the Month: October

Are your staff appropriately trained to ensure that pupils receive appropriate support, guidance and nurture, when faced with the issues around their personal development and welfare? 


School training and CPD programmes need to ensure that staff can give accurate guidance and advice, when faced with pupils who have issues around their personal welfare. The variety of welfare needs amongst pupils means that leaders and governors should provide pastoral training for all staff, because each role provides different opportunities for pupils to share their concerns at different times and in different situations.

Pupils of all ages face difficult decisions and challenges to their physical, emotional and psychological welfare that each necessitate understanding that will allow pupils to receive appropriate levels of support. Pupils often choose staff they know well and trust. This entails the sharing of the different and varied areas of expertise available within school as part of any training and staff development. The availability and need for access to a variety of external agencies and other support by leaders and staff should also be an essential part of both induction and training.

  • What mechanisms are there for pupils to access support during recreational time during the school day?
  • Are staff confident when faced with welfare issues during lessons?
  • Does our curriculum give both dedicated time, as well flexible opportunities, when necessary, for PSHE?
  • Do pupils show confidence when discussing issues around their personal welfare and development?
  • How often do you have whole staff training focussed on welfare issues of pupils?
  • Does your nurture provision support vulnerable pupils?
  • Are pupils consulted on the levels of support for their personal development welfare issues?

These questions are not intended to be exhaustive but are offered as a starting point for discussion around a very important area, that sets the tone and ethos for teaching and learning. 

John Croghan M.Ed. BA. Cert.Ed.

If you would like to speak to John please email john.croghan@evaluate-ed.com.

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John Croghan M.Ed. BA. CertEd. has over 50 years of experience in education, as a teacher, leading learning in classrooms from EYFS to Y11, as well as a leader and primary headteacher.  He enjoyed his role supporting Every Child Matters in schools and has advised and supported schools across the West Midlands, as well as leading OFSTED inspections.   He is currently a school consultant, mentor, and governor. 

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