Blog: Your First 100 Days – Knowing Your People: Part 3

In this blog series, you’ll hear from the author of ‘The First 100 Days’, Phil Denton, about the steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of success in the first 100 days of the new school year.

Regardless of whether you are taking over a new leadership role or looking to develop an existing one, this series will detail the steps that will help you start from an informed, confident and strategic place.

Phil developed his knowledge of best practice in this area through his own experiences of being a Headteacher, Deputy, Assistant, Year Lead and Head of Department. He enhanced this understanding by working with football managers who have had successful 100 days in the English Premier League. He has also worked with successful manager Micky Mellon and spoke with business leaders from the world of accounts, travel and industry. All of this experience and these lessons will be condensed and shared with you at regular intervals to provoke thought, reflection and action.

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Knowing Your People: Part 3 

In the third and final part of this three-part blog series, we will look at a crucial aspect of understanding your people alignment. Alignment is the extent which individuals are connecting and feel a part of the overarching vision or purpose of your team. In the next series of blogs, we will look at how you can establish and grow your purpose but for now, think about your team’s core objective and shared beliefs that exist.

For example, you may be a maths department that is working collaboratively on implementing a piece of educational research, you may be a trust that is focussed on social mobility, or you may be a standalone school looking to be excellent in all that you do. In each of the aforementioned examples, there will be people whose alignment will differ due to many reasons, such as their personal beliefs, or due to the morning they have had on their way to work!


  1. Who are your high performing, high alignment staff? What can you do to celebrate them and reinforce their efforts?
  2. Who are your high performing, low alignment staff? What can you find out about the reason for their low alignment and what relationship do you need to foster to change this?
  3. Who are your low performance, high alignment staff? What support and/or training do they need to develop them?
  4. Who are your low performance, low alignment staff? Have you exhausted all support? If you can’t change the person, do you need to change the person?


Phil is a Headteacher as well as an author, having written ‘The First 100 Days’, a story about what we can learn from Premier League managers about being successful over your first 100 days in a role and beyond. Phil has had several articles published in the SecEd magazine.

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