Blog: Behaviours of Excellent Leaders

There is much written about the characteristics of effective leaders – citing adaptability, confidence, accountability, integrity and innovation amongst others. These are all extremely valuable traits, but how do they manifest themselves in behaviours?

After speaking with colleagues in many schools and working with, and for, some highly effective leaders, here are some of our observations.

Highly effective leaders:

Spend most of their time talking with others in short, informal conversations

  • Leadership by walking about

Have discussions which contain a fair amount of joking

  • Positive approach with some warmth

Ask a lot of questions

  • Listen

Rarely seem to make big decisions during conversations

  • Avoid knee jerk reactions, considered response

Have discussions which often concern topics not related to work

  • Build effective working relationships

Attempt to influence others

  • Positive influence for development

Respond to others’ initiatives

  • Acknowledge and value the strengths and ideas of others

Are responsive and flexible

  • Adapt plans and approaches following input from colleagues

Have a breadth of knowledge

  • Being up-to-date with developments

The list above is not exhaustive but the behaviours all lead to two of the most fundamental characteristics of highly effective leaders – communication and trust.

Jan Rowney, School Improvement Advisor

Jan has over twenty years’ experience in education, including senior leadership, school improvement and OFSTED inspection.

She has worked in, and with, schools and academies in many authorities across England and Wales. Currently, Jan is a School Improvement Partner for a number of schools and provides support and guidance for Headteachers and senior teams.

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